Capella Unveils World’s Highest Resolution Commercial SAR Imagery

What are we unveiling today?

(Above: The metallic refining units and piping brightly reflect radar signals at ExxonMobil’s Singapore Chemical plant on Jurong Island. Very high resolution zoomed in views show the granular features of an oil tanker docked near floating roof storage tanks.)
(Above: American Airlines retires its McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft and Airbus A300–600R jetliners at the Roswell Air Center in New Mexico. Capella’s highest resolution imaging mode shows the aircraft and their shadows reveal granular details such as the size of a cockpit, fuselage, wings and engines.)

What does this mean to our customers?

(Above: Capella’s new Spot imagery captures the Jiuquan Launch Center where China recently launched its new commercial CERES-1 rocket. The spaceport’s launch pad areas and vertical assembly area are clearly visible in the radar image and a zoomed in version shows a closeup of the launch pad.)

Why does the world need high resolution SAR data now?

(Above: The Aksum Airport was heavily damaged during the Ethiopian Tigray conflict. Capella’s very high-resolution Spot image identifies 23 trenches dug perpendicularly across the runway to prevent its usage. A closeup shows the trenches and debris highly contrasted against the dark tarmac.)

How did we do this?

Artistic rendering of Capella-1 (Denali) — Capella’s first test satellite launched in 2018
Artistic rendering of Capella-2 — Capella’s evolved design and first operational satellite launched in 2020

How can Capella customers request and collect imagery?

(Above: The Capella Console is the first on-demand customer tasking system in the SAR industry. End-to-end automation increases the speed to insight and reduces operational security risk with no humans in the loop.)



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